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                                      Robyn Scipione - Owner  

       My love of craft started at a young age.
My Mum was a talented knitter, great at crochet and a fantastic seamstress.
So life was full of creativity, and craft supplies.
I enjoy all craft and I tend to create for calm, so I enjoy easy projects and let the yarn do the work.
You will often find me making more than one of the same item, as that is what I find therapeutic, I leave my brain power for Unwind.
My real love is colour combining, so helping people choose yarn for a new project, is an honour and a joy.




                                            Kate Moore - Owner


I love Dogs and Crafts!!!
What more do you need to know!
I started sewing when i was as young as I could remember, and knitting followed very closely behind.
I love nothing more then kicking back whenever I get the chance with a cuppa or glass of wine and some craft.
My main craft these days is knitting, as its a little easier to carry around then my sewing machine, and i can often be found at a local cafe with my needles out.
My favourite thing to have on my needles would defiantly be a “top down” anything in Zealana!! 




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