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“Where inspiration meets relaxation”

Unwind With Us - At Sea

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Unwind with us!

Let us help you Unwind with adventures that connect,relax, inspire and create life time memories and friends.

With the success of our first cruise to Tasmania, in January 2019, we have come to see these adventures as an important and growing part of what Unwind can offer.

Unwind trips are not your usual craft retreat. There are no strict time tables and no early rising for a regime of skills. We work to ensure that there is nothing that could cause pressure or stress, allowing maximum time for relaxation and Unwinding.

At Unwind, we are all about goody bags, good times and creative friendships. And by goody bags we mean Amazing Bags, each with a project to connect all our crafters, and choc full of other bits and pieces of glorious goodies you didn’t even know you wanted, let alone needed. We spend countless hours making sure that our goody bags are the best.

So ditch the dishes and the drudgery and explore our expanding travel options! There is bound to be something for everyone, especially as we expand our offerings.

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When making any booking please be sure to let them know wether or are a knitter or Crocheter so we can pair you with your goodie bag

Life is short and you all deserve to Unwind!



Jan 2022,  3rd - 9th
Book in fast as there are limited spots to cruise with us!!
Please feel free to get in touch with Briony, from Tailored Travel and Cruise, and she will answer all your questions
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