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Pilson Blanket Yarn Pack


I fell in love with TL Yarncrafts Pilson Blanket and had to find a yarn that would be a perfect match.

I have been making a 4 ply version in minis, this is a simple Tunisian stitch and Toni does an amazing tutorial.

Don’t hesitate to get started even if you have not tried Tunisian before, it has been a absolute pleasure to make, truly therapeutic.

You are of course welcome to use any colours you like or any yarn, but I thought I would take the hard work out and put this pack together.

This kit includes yarn for the small size.

Heirloom Merino Fleck  PACK 1 Dark Gray

552 Linen x 6

546 Mint x 2

6245 New Pink x 2

566 Ochre x 2

6504 Tin x 2

Each ball has 105 meters a total of 1470 meters.


Heirloom Merino Fleck PACK 2 -LIGHT GRAY

552 Linen x 6

546 Mint x 2

6245 New Pink x 2

566 Ochre x 2

547 Silver Fleck x 2

Each ball has 105 meters, a total of 1470 meters. 

NOT INCLUDED- You will need a Tunisian or regular crochet hook without a soft grip handle, in a 6.0 mm and 6.5 mm or as required for your tension.

FREE LINK TO PILSON BLANKET PATTERN by the lovely Toni at TL Yarn Crafts


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