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Squiggle Yarn - SOCK 100G


OH SQUIGGLE!!!! You have done it again!

Feast your eyes on these beautifully handdyed yarns..


75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

100 Grams - 425 Metres




All of the skeins are dyed by hand. No skein will ever be the exact same which is why many love hand dyed yarn - every project will be uniquely theirs.

Squiggles colourways are created using secret receipes so that they can be reproduced as close as possible. Dyed in batch lots to ensure that the colour remains the same.

Please note that if you order the same colourway in a future order, it may be from a different batch and therefore may slightly differ to those of your previous order. Consider purchasing multiples of a colourway, so that you have the ability of purchasing enough to complete your desired project.


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