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Moya Sparkle Sampler Box-combination of both Dk Cotton and Shimmer


Oh my gosh, these took my breath away!

Moya is a favourite of mine and it sure is for most of our customers.

This box is the third in a wonderful mini tots set and they certainly left the best till last.

As soon as I opened the box I was thinking of fruit tingles and  my mind was racing with all the wonderful ways you could use it, see some of the links below,.

Any patterns that need a little of lots of colours will be perfect for this and the other  2 wonderful sampler boxes linked below.

Each box is a surprise and will contain a sprinkling of different shades in Both  Moya Dk and Moya Shimmer which adds to the excitement.            

Please see the links below for all the yarn specifications of each yarn in the box.

Moya DK sampler box

Moya Shimmer sampler box

Project ideas -Note yarn requirements are not tested for these and you may need to add extra supplies.

Speckled square blanket  This would be perfect, add some larger balls of you favourite colours.

Battenberg blanket  this yarn is slightly thicker thicker than the 4 ply used in the pattern, so the squares will be a bit larger.  Just add some full size balls of natural and you are on your way. 

Granny Square flair - Add a pop of colour to a natural back ground.

Pilson Blanket  Make tiny squares with this awesome pattern and tutorial.



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