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KnitPro Combi Sampler Kit


Not sure what needles you prefer?

this is a great way to try out a few different needles in one go


Set 1 contains

3 pairs of interchangeable circular needles

KnitPro Nova Metal (4.00 mm), KnitPro Symphony (5.00 mm), KnitPro Spacious Acrylic (6.00 mm)

2 cables (1x60 cm and 1x80 cm)

4 stoppers

2 cable keys

1 transparent plastic case for storage of interchangeable circular needles.


set 11 contains:

3 sets interchangeable circular needles

KnitPro Karbonz (3.00 mm), KnitPro Nova Cubics (4.00 mm), KnitPro Royale

(5.00 mm)

2 cable: 1x60 cm (green) and 1x80 cm (orange)

4 end caps

2 cable keys

1 see-through plastic case to store the interchangeable circular needles

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