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ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cable


The ChiaoGoo MINI TWIST RED cables are ideal to slightly extend a circular knitting needle or to make a short circular needle for circular knitting projects with a small diameter, such as socks, mittens or hats. This set contains 3 short cables and 2 tightening keys for tightening and loosening the ChiaoGoo cables to the interchangeable tips, connectors or end stoppers. The extremely flexible (and memory-free) cable with red nylon coating consists of multiple steel wires, which prevent the cable from kinking or twisting while knitting. The ChiaoGoo MINI TWIST RED cables have a MINI (M) screw size and are compatible with both ChiaoGoo’s MINI TWIST Lace knitting needle tips (8, 10, and 13cm) and the MINI TWIST SHORTIES needle tips (5 and 8cm). Please note that for the 10cm- and 13cm-long MINI needle tips it is necessary to extend the short MINI cables with a MINI cable connector. The ChiaoGoo MINI TWIST RED cables are available in 5, 13 and 15cm lengths

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