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ChiaGoo Interchangable Knitting Set


The TWIST Lace interchangeable circular needle sets by ChiaoGoo include everything you might need to create the perfect circular needle for your knitting project: needle tips in various sizes, cables in different lengths and all the other essential accessories. The stainless steel needles are very pointy (lace tip), which makes them suitable for knitting patterns with multiple stitches, such as lace patterns, puff stitches, bubble and cable knitting. The extremely flexible (and memory-free) cables coated with red nylon consist of multiple steel wires, which prevent the cable from kinking or twisting while knitting. The needle tips can be easily attached, tightened or loosened with the supplied tightening key.

The TWIST Lace sets in Small, Large and Complete are supplied in a case with 13 labelled internal compartments (2.75-10.00mm). In the external zipper-lockable pockets, you can store cables and other accessories. The case is made from black-and-white floral fabric and decorated with red details. It is enclosed on three sides with a zipper. The TWIST Lace MINI sets are supplied in a sleeve with labelled compartments for the needle tips and a small pouch for cables. Both the sleeve and the pouch fit in the needle case.

The TWIST Lace circular needle sets are available in Small (S) with needle sizes 2.75-5.00mm, Large (L) with needle sizes 5.50-10.00mm and Complete (C) with needle sizes 2.75-10.00mm in 10 and 13cm lengths. The TWIST Lace MINI (M) set of interchangeable circular needles are available in sizes 1.50-2.50mm and in 10 and 13cm lengths.

This TWIST Lace Complete set of interchangeable circular needles contains the following:

  • stainless steel needle tips in 13cm length in needle sizes 2.75mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 4.00mm, 4.50mm and 5.00mm with Small screw size
  • stainless steel needle tips in 13cm length in needle sizes 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 8.00mm, 9.00mm and 10.00mm with Large screw size
  • 3 x red cables for circular needles in 60, 80 and 100cm length (including the tip), with Small screw size
  • 3 x red cables for circular needles in 60, 80 and 100cm length (including the tip), with Large screw size
  • Small and Large end stoppers
  • 2 x tightening keys
  • Small and Large connectors
  • stitch markers
  • 1 x needle gauge (needle template)
  • 1 x needle case


General information applicable to all ChiaoGoo interchangeables

TWIST and SPIN products share the same screw size, making them compatible with each other. All needle tips and cables are laser engraved with the respective screw size:

  • M = MINI, applies to needle sizes 1.50-2.50mm (10 and 13cm) and 1.50-3.25mm (8cm)
  • S = Small, applies to needle sizes 2.75-5.00mm (10 and 13cm) and 3.50-5.00mm (8cm)
  • L = Large, applies to needle sizes 5.50-10.00mm (10 and 13cm)

The MINI range is not compatible with the S and L screw size, therefore all MINI needle tips require a MINI cable. Please note that the 10cm- and 13cm-long MINI needle tips are too long for use with the 5cm-, 13cm- and 15cm-long MINI cables. They can be easily connected by means of a MINI cable connector to extend the cable length. ChiaoGoo also offers adapters which can connect MINI, S and L screw-sized products together

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