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ChaiGoo Bamboo Interchangable Complete set


The ChiaoGoo SPIN bamboo interchangeable circular knitting needle set is an all-inclusive kit for every knitting enthusiast! Containing both needle tips in a range of sizes, cables of varying lengths, plus an array of essential knitter’s accessories, enjoy ultimate flexibility as you create the perfect circular needle for each project. The SPIN range features a swivel join between tip and cable that allows your needles to turn freely, avoiding kinks or twist ever forming in your cable. Not to mention with hand-crafted tips made from premium quality Moso bamboo, these lightweight, polished needles will ensure hours of enjoyable knitting with minimal to no hand fatigue. Sets available with needle tips in lengths 10cm and 13cm.

The Complete set contains the following supplied in a practical pouch with zip closure:

  • - 13 x pairs of 13cm-long needle tips (sizes 2.75-10.00mm)
  • - 6 x cables (60cm, 80cm and 100cm in sizes S and L; length includes tips)
  • - 4 x end caps/stoppers (2 x size S, 2 x size L)
  • - 2 x tightening keys
  • - 2 x cable connectors (1 x size S, 1 x size L)
  • - 24 x stitch markers
  • - 1 x needle gauge


General info applicable to all ChiaoGoo interchangeables

TWIST and SPIN products share the same screw sizes, making them compatible with each other. All needle tips and cables are laser engraved with the respective screw-size:

  • - M = MINI, applies to needle sizes 1.50-2.50mm (5cm, 8cm, 10cm and 13cm tips)
  • - S = Small, applies to needle sizes 2.75-5.00mm (10cm and 13cm tips)
  • - L = Large, applies to needles sizes 5.50-10.00mm (10cm and 13cm tips)


The MINI range is not compatible with the standard S and L screw sizes, and thus all MINI needle tips require a MINI cable. Please note that the 10cm and 13cm-long MINI needle tips are too long for use with the 13cm or 15cm-long MINI cables. These can easily be connected by means of a MINI cable connector to extend the cable length accordingly. ChiaoGoo also offers adaptors which can connect MINI, S and L screw-sized products together

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