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Amigruimi Fresh Box

Amigruimi Fresh Box

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Crochet a complete grocery store with this Catania Fresh Amigurumi Box. In the supplied booklet you will find the patterns for 13 different types of fruits and vegetables, plus a handy grocery net. They are fun for toddlers and preschoolers to play pretend shop, for example - and learn about nature in a playful way. Of course, all kinds of fashion or home accessories can also be decorated with them. The Catania Amigurumi Boxes are ideal for making amigurumi or other items that require a lot of colours in small quantities, such as granny squares or Fair Isle knitting (for example, Norwegian motifs). It is a brilliant addition to your own yarn collection, but also nice to give as a gift.

Supplied per Amigurumi box consisting of 25 mini balls of Catania of 20 grams in 25 fresh, bright shades, 1 colour sample card of all the shades of Catania and 1 pattern booklet with the crochet patterns for 13 fruits and vegetables amigurumi (strawberry, apple, aubergine, banana, broccoli, raspberry, cherries, spring onion, pear, snow peas, pumpkin, radish and tomatoes), as well a grocery net.

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